Releasing DFTTK

When releasing a new version of DFTTK

  1. git pull to make sure you haven’t missed any last-minute commits. After this point, nothing else is making it into this version.

  2. Ensure that all tests pass locally on develop.

  3. git push and verify all tests pass on all CI services.

  4. Generate a list of commits since the last version with git --no-pager log --oneline --no-decorate 0.1^..origin/master Replace 0.1 with the tag of the last public version.

  5. Condense the change list into something user-readable. Update and commit CHANGES.rst with the release date.``

  6. git tag 0.2 master -m "0.2" Replace 0.2 with the new version. git show 0.2 to ensure the correct commit was tagged git push origin master --tags

  7. The new version is tagged in the repository. Now the public package must be built and distributed.

Uploading to PyPI

  1. rm -R dist/* on Linux/OSX or del dist/* on Windows

  2. With the commit checked out which was tagged with the new version: python sdist

    Make sure that the script correctly detected the new version exactly and not a dirty / revised state of the repo.

    Assuming a correctly configured .pypirc:

    twine upload -u bocklund dist/*

Some useful commands are following

git checkout master
git pull
git pull upstream master
git --version
git remote set-url --all upstream
git remote set-url --add upstream
git remote set-url --delete upstream
git remote remove upstream
git remote rm upstream
git remote -v
git remote add upstream
git tag -d 0.3.0
git push --delete upstream 0.3.0
git tag 0.3.0 master -m "0.3.0"
git push upstream master --tags
rm dist/*
python sdist
twine upload -u yiwang62 dist/*