Job monitoring

The following briefes some common automate commands for DFT jobs submitted by dfttk run.

  • Monitor workflows

To check running status of all submitted dfttk jobs, use

lpad get_wflows

To find the running calculations

lpad get_fws -s RUNNING

To find the jobdir for a job with specific fw_id (The number portion of job id reported by lpad get_wflows), use lpad get_launchdir fw_id

  • FIZZLED jobs

FIZZLED means failed. The following command can summarize all FIZZLED jobs:

lpad get_fws -s FIZZLED; or
lpad get_wflows -s FIZZLED

One can rerun FIZZLED by

lpad rerun_fws -s FIZZLED

For more details, see ref. FIZZLED.

To get help for the subcommands, try lpad get_fws -h or lpad get_wflows -s FIZZLED -h

Useful help from FireWork

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